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Using two CRM systems - one for current customers and property management, for example, and one for prospective customers and marketing - optimizes efficiency and effectiveness. It allows you to tailor functionalities to specific needs, improve data management and make marketing efforts more targeted.

The great thing is that you are not just left to your own devices, but also have the opportunity to also be supported by our experienced marketing agency for additional guidance and optimization.


Below you can see what WeGrow CRM Replaces for a cheaper price:

Why WeGrow CRM?


WeGrow Basis

€44,99 p/m

CRM Systeem



Live rapportages

Kalender & Afsprakenplanner

€0,00 p/m**

WeGrow Sociaal

€ 79,99 p/m

Alles van Basis

Marketing (Social planner)
Email Campagnes

Reputatie manager (google)

Audit report

€49,99 p/m**

WeGrow Expert

€99,99 p/m

Alles van Basis & Sociaal


Website Bouwer


Social media templates

€69,99 p/m**
 Pakket prijzen zijn ex. btw
** In combinatie met een van onze services


Full list of features in our marketing CRM

Wegrow Basis
Wegrow Sociaal
Wegrow Expert

This allows us to monitor and optimize the performance of our marketing and communications activities. What's even better is that we offer our clients the ability to watch live, giving them instant insight into the progress of their campaigns and projects.


With WeGrow, we can analyze leads, conversions, customer interactions and ROI and make strategic adjustments for growth based on that information.

The ability to centralize all your business needs in one place is often a challenge. However, by using WeGrow Agency, you can have all your essential tools and information in one integrated location at no additional cost. Our CRM system provides a central hub where all your contacts can be stored and shared with your team.


What really sets our CRM apart is that we not only provide an all-in-one solution, but also act as a valuable support partner. If you already purchase services from our marketing agency, you get free access to our CRM system, Social package + permanent discount on any package as long as you use our services for the first month. We are here to help you grow and make the most of your business activities.

All your potential clients from marketing in 1 place to exchange with your Realworks, Kolibri or other Real Estate CRM. Import and export and also view the process with all your employees from 1 platform.

View all your contacts in one clear list with all relevant information such as emails, last contact moments, phone numbers and more.


Our CRM system allows you to access all your contact information quickly and efficiently, ensuring that you are always well-informed and can communicate effectively with your contacts.

Live statistics  (Google Ads, META)

All in one place

CRM (Contacts)

WeGrow CRM System

CRM (Pipeline)

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